[EM] Oscars poll as practice for Congressional polls
2018-02-15 18:07:38 UTC
Any movie fans here? If so, you can vote in an Oscars poll using a 1-2-3
ballot on which you can rank the nominated movies in the top categories.
To access this Oscars poll, go to:


The popularity rankings are calculated using "pairwise counting."
Specifically it uses VoteFair ranking (which is mathematically
equivalent to the Condorcet-Kemeny method). The software code that
handles these polls is open-source and available on GitHub within my
"CPSolver" account.

This poll is being hosted at the NewsHereNow online "newspaper" which is
centered at any intersection in the world. It's a "web app" that is
free to use, has no ads yet, and no signup is needed. (You remain

This newspaper covers the entire world. It has police news for some
U.S. cities, plus some non-U.S. cities such as Toronto (Canada),
Vancouver (Canada), and Sydney (Australia).

It also displays the nearest independently owned restaurants and cafes
and bakeries in ANY PART of ANY CITY. This coverage includes cities and
towns and suburbs in Europe, Asia, and Africa, not just
North/Central/South America.

This is the project I've been building for the past few years. It's
finally ready for general use. This is your invitation to explore!


I'm using the Oscars poll as practice to get ready to host 435 U.S.
Congressional election polls, one for each Congressional district.

Richard Fobes
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